Info on Ribbon Falls

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Ribbon falls sits along the hike fro Rim to Rim and you can usually get there from the Phantom Ranch as well. It’s one waterfall you can get to around the Grand Canyon Park without rafting or having to backpack.

Ribbon Falls

If you go around 6 miles up the Bright Angel Creek area and Ribbon Falls will be hidden within a canyon on the side. If there’s a day that’s hot in the Canyon you can enjoy the shade and cool feeling around the Ribbon Falls area. You can watch them at 100 feet into the air, and the water is rich and minerals help to make a spire that’s large below them. After you swim there for a while, you will be able to hike to the top of the falls so you can look from the back of them. Even though it’s kind of easy to get to, you have to plan and try hard to get there.

How To Get There

ribbon falls grand canyon

You are going to have to hike or backpack to Phantom Ranch. If you wish to backpack there, you need to get a permit to do back country camping from the Grand Canyon National Park. Check their website to get more information on this.

Here’s an itinerary you can follow:

The Bright Angel Campground

If you’re trying to stay at the Phantom Ranch you should stay for 2 nights in the cabins there or the dorms. There is a company called Xanterra that runs this ranch, and you can get more information about them from their website.

To get to Ribbon Falls, you just need to work with these methods:

First Day: You need to hike from the South Kaibab Trail to the Xanterra Phantom Ranch. This is about 7 miles away.

Second Day: You’re going to need to get to Ribbon Falls from the Northern Kaibab Trail. This is about 12 miles all the way around.

Third Day: Hike to the South Rim when on the South Kaibab Trail. This is 7 miles again.

Trips That Can Be Guided

You can work with the Wildland Trekking Company to get a trip up to Ribbon Falls, to go to Phantom Ranch Campground, or to even take a mule with you through the Grand Canyon hike you go on.