How to Hike to Havasupai Waterfalls

Hiking in Havasu Falls is taking a memorable adventure. If you are physically able, start thinking about getting to Havasupai. The first one and a half miles from the trailhead is the only part which is steep. After that, you will experience level hiking which has a slight downhill slant.

havasupai falls hike

The hiking is both sandy and rocky. You need to avoid pack mules going up and down the canyon. However, this is generally a moderate hike. It takes about 10 miles to reach the campground which is a considerable distance. You will not find water for the first six miles. From May through September, the daytime temperatures are above 105 degrees Fahrenheit in the shade.

Hiking Distances

  1. Hilltop- Havasu Creek which is 6 miles
  2. 2 miles from Havasu Creek -Supai
  3. 2 miles from Supai – Campground
  4. 3.5 miles from Campground -Beaver Falls
  5. 3.5 miles from Beaver Falls-the Colorado River

Hike Havasu Falls- Preparation and Safety

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You have to be in a good shape physically in order to hike to Havasu Falls. Just as we have already said, this is considered as a moderate hike going by general backpacking standards. However, it is 10 miles long and is very hot with about 105 degrees Fahrenheit and above in the shade.


It is important to have enough water for the hike. We recommend that every person carries 3 liters of water and a bottle of Gatorade which is frozen. You can also carry any electrolyte balanced drink.

Seasonal Concerns

It can be a good idea to take plenty of water and snacks especially May through September when it can be very hot. The monsoon season which begins from July through September can also have extreme rains that may lead to flash flooding.

Trail Food

During your hike, bring plenty of salty snacks. Some of the best trail foods include potato chips, energy bars, nuts, fruit, sandwiches and trail mix.


There is a restaurant and convenience store in Supai. Unless you are planning to stay at the Supai Lodge, it is a good idea to have your meals. If you have a backpacking stove, then it may be a good idea to have dehydrated backpacking meals.


Bring a tent, sleeping pad, sleeping bag, backpacking stove, backpack, bug repellent, sunscreen, water treatment, pots and pans, first aid kit, and headlamp. For more information, see a recommended packing list.

Guided Hiking/Camping Tour to Havasupai

havasu falls hike

There are many advantages of going with a guided group into Havasu Falls. Don’t worry about reservations, gear, reservations, or logistics instead of relaxing and enjoying the waterfalls and hiking experience 100%.

Guided tours will also give you an increased level of comfort, safety, and education. We usually tell our customers to use The Wildland Trekking Company which offers pack mules for all food and gear to help you go hiking with a light daypack. What are you still waiting for? Let us go hiking.