Havasupai Trailhead

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Havasupai Trailhead Directions

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All hiking activity in Havasu Falls begins and ends with the Hualapi Hilltop, otherwise known as the Havasupai trailhead. This is in a fairly remote location that isn’t easy to find without good directions. Print the following Havasupai trailhead directions out and keep them handy so you can follow along and not get lost when you’re finally ready to seek it out.

Havasupai Trailhead – From Phoenix:

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Estimated Driving Time: 4.5 hours

Lodging: It’s best to stay as close to the trailhead as you possibly can. This will let you get an early start in the morning. The Grand Canyon Caverns Inn is a great choice since it’s only about an hour away from Hilltop.


  1. Drive north along I-17 before exiting onto AZ-69 N from Exit 262.
  2. Drive 21 miles, then merge onto AZ-89 (approaching Chino Valley).
  3. Continue along AZ-89 to I-40, where you will head west.
  4. Exit from I-40 Exit 123, heading towards AZ-66 and Peach Springs.
  5. After 22 miles, the Grand Canyon Caverns Inn will be on the left.
  6. Watch out for Indian Road 18 on the right and turn onto it.
  7. Follow for 60 miles. The Road ultimately ends at Hilltop.

Havasupai Trailhead – From Flagstaff:


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Estimated Drive Time: 3.5 hours

Lodging: As with Phoenix to the trailhead, you’ll want to stay at the Grand Canyon Caverns Inn given its close proximity to the end destination.


  1. Drive west bound on I-40.
  2. Take I-40’s business Exit (Exit 123) heading to AZ-66 and Seligman
  3. 22 miles ahead, you’ll come up to the Grand Canyon Caverns Inn off to the left. This is the closest lodging to the trailhead.
  4. Watch out for Indian Road 18 along the right and take the turn.
  5. After 60 miles, the road will run out and you’ll be right at the trailhead.

Havasupai Trailhead – Coming From Las Vegas

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Estimated Driving Time: 3.5 Hours

Lodging: The Grand Canyon Caverns Inn remains the best lodging since it’s only an hour out from the trailhead. This will allow you to head out early in the morning and arrive with plenty of time to enjoy yourself before returning later on.


  1. First, take US 93 South coming from Las Vegas, then follow it for 102 miles.
  2. Merge onto I-40 E, US-93 South from Kingman. Head toward Flagstaff and Phoenix. Continue traveling for 4 miles.
  3. Get off from Andy Devine Avenue, Exit 53. Head toward AZ-66 East and Kingman Airport.
  4. Take the left turn onto US-93 Bus South (E. Andy Devine Avenue) and follow along.
  5. E. Andy Devine Avenue will eventually become East Highway 66/AZ-66. Follow along the route for around 50 miles.
  6. Watch out for Indian Road 18, which will be on your left. You’ll know you’ve driven past if you reach the Grand Canyon Caverns Inn (this will be on the right.) It’s recommended that you stay there, as mentioned above, but you don’t want to get there first if you’re looking to hit the trailhead beforehand.
  7. The trailhead is 60 miles at the end of Indian Road 18.