Havasu Falls
Horses and Mules

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The Details

It goes without saying that mules and horses seem as though they are a natural part of the canyon. You have the ability to send your packs, ride or even bring along your own horse. Riding horseback in the Grand Canyon is not quite a strenuous as hiking, but you will end up being a bit sore in different ways.

Horseback Riding At Havasu Falls

grand canyon mule ride

You can also hire horses for anyone who is not excited about having to go on a 10 mile hike. This must be arranged about a week prior to your visit and you already have to have your reservation to lodge or camp. If you are staying at the log, you can have the horses arranged for you. If you are camping, you can have the tourism office put together your horse reservation.

Send Your Gear Via Mule Havasu Falls

If you are worried about your heavy pack, but not the hike, you can opt to have your gear sent via mule. Just like riding, you have to arrange a mule roughly a week prior to your reservation date.

Horse And Mule Rates

You should check with the office, as the rates are always subject to change.

  • Round Trip – $187 for hilltop to camp and then back
  • One Way – $95 to or from camp
  • One Way Out – Any arrangements for this can be made at the office in person a day before your departure date.
  • Day Tour Havasu Falls – $60 from the lodge to the falls
  • Round Trip – $120 for hilltop to the lodge
    One Way – $70 for hilltop to the lodge

Bringing Your Own Horse

grand canyon mule ride (2)

You can bring along your own horse with you to Havasu Falls, unlike Grand Canyon National Park. You have to supply your feed and also pay a fee for hiking at the Tourism Office. Reservations are required for camping or staying at the lodge, so make sure that is covered.


  • Havasu Creek to Supai is 2 miles
  • Hilltop trailhead to Havasu Creek is 6 miles
  • Beaver Falls to Colorado River is 3.5 miles
  • Supai to the campground is 2 miles
  • Camping area to Beaver Falls is 3.5 miles