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Why You Should Join a Guided Havasu Falls Tour

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Many people don’t realize the benefits of joining a guided Havasu Falls tours. The major benefit for most travelers is that they do not have to bother with meal planning, gear, reservations or anything else that can interrupt the pleasure of your trip. By using a guided tour you can remain 100 percent focused on your vacation. All you need to bring is your clothes. As soon as you arrive you’re ready to go because someone else is handling the complexities of the trip.

The second reason many people choose a guided Grand Canyon hiking tours is because of the pack mule service. You don’t have to carry your food and gear while you’re hiking. The touring company, like the Wildland Trekking Company, provides the mules which makes hiking much easier. The mules can carry the 30 to 40 pounds of supplies while you carry a light backpack.

The third reason people prefer using a guided tour is that when you choose a reputable company, like Wildland Trekking Company, you can expect an expert guide to lead you on your journey. This will give you the added comfort of knowing you are safe with an experienced guide. The guide can also educate you and entertain you with facts, and stories about the Grand Canyon’s geology, early inhabitants, and wildfires.

Why the Wildland Trekking Company?

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The Wildland Trekking Company is the premier guided tour provider of Havasupai. They are a top rated tour company, and the #1 Grand Canyon tour group according to Trip Advisor. In addition, over the last decade, they have led tens of thousands of travelers into Havasupai.

Wildlife Trekking’s Havasu Falls tours have been seen in the Washington Post, the Discovery Channel, and the New York Times.

Please Note: We are a guided tour company. We offer an award-winning hiking and camping tour to the Havasupai Waterfalls and other destinations. If you do not want to use our guided tour service and want more information about visiting Havasupai, call 928-448-2180. We are not authorized to give out general information about the area.

Havasu Falls has been featured in over 50 international articles and TV shows. The Havasu Falls, or Havasupai Waterfalls, offer world-renowned hiking. Our Havasu Falls tours feature an excellent hiking experience, incredible view of nature and an explanation of cultural history. You’ll see big views of the Grand Canyon and have the opportunity to explore the famous Havasupai waterfalls.

There are seven different multi-day packages available. The standard package is 3 to 4 days. This tour of Havasu Falls includes hiking and camping. We also offer two backpacking tours, where guests carry their own 25 to 35-pound packs. There is also a helicopter service available to reduce the hike to Havasu Falls to 2 miles. There is also a Spring Break tour available for families. This takes place in March and April. We also have a 3 day Photography Tour.

Finally, if you want a complete Grand Canyon experience, our Havasu Premier Tour is a 4-day package. It combines the 3 days Havasupai Tour with lodging near the South Rim of the Grand Canyon National Park. You get dinner on the rim and hiking on one of the most impressive trails in Grand Canyon National Park.