Elves Chasm Guide

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elves chasm

Elves Chasm is an impressive grotto and waterfall located along the stunning and strenuous Royal Arch Loop situated inside of Grand Canyon National Park.  It is a scarcely traveled and remote part of the Grand Canyon.  You should not undertake it unless you have done some considerable research and preparation ahead of time.  If you do have the proper equipment and experience to pull this kind of a trip off then you will be grateful forever if you make the decision to go.  If you don’t have the sufficient equipment or experience, then attempting it could be something that you always regret.

How To Get There

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In order to access Elves Chasm you will need to backpack through the Royal Arch Loop. It is a very remote and difficult route inside the Grand Canyon. You will first need to contact the Grand Canyon and get a back country camping permit. The NPS website has more information on it.

This is a very serious trip and only experienced backpackers should attempt to undertake it. For specific information regarding the trip, review the NPS route description.

Options For A Guided Trip

There are no guide companies that offer a standard guided trip to Elves Chasm.  However, you can ask The Wildland Trekking Company about having a custom trip into Elves Chasm.

Alternative Option

Day trips offered by Western River Expeditions are the best all-inclusive, commercial rafting expeditions on the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon.  There are 6 and 7 day trips available through the Grand Canyon that start at Lee’s Ferry in Arizona (“0” river mile).  A flight is offered from Las Vegas into Marble Canyon, which is where you will meet up with your guides.  The 6 and 7 day drips finish at Whitmore Wash, which is several miles underneath Lava Falls Rapid.  A helicopter ride is taken to Bar 10 Ranch located on the Grand Canyon’s north rim.  There are 3 and 4 day trips that start at Whitmore Wash (188 river mile), which involve a 7 minute helicopter ride from Bar 10 Ranch.  Guests of the 4 day trip enjoy a night of activities at the ranch before taking the helicopter ride into the Grand Canyon.   Flight destinations into and out of Bar 10 Ranch are Marble Canyon and Las Vegas.  The 3 and 4 day trips finish at Lake Mead.  From there, guests are transported by jet boat to Pearce Ferry.A charter bus then takes them to Las Vegas past Hoover Dam.