Visiting Chevaya Falls

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Once featured on the cover of Arizona Highways magazine for March 1995, Cheyava Falls can make for a wonderful and adventurous experience for backpacking down deep into the Grand Canyon. This is an experience that blends together wild hiking along with classic trails and nice little campgrounds. By itself, Cheyava Falls is an intermittent waterfall only flowing whenever the snow melts off of the Northern Rim, or if there has been a great deal of rain, like when the monsoons take place. However, this is the tallest waterfall that you will find in the Grand Canyon, measuring in at over 800 feet in height.

clear creek trail grand canyon

Get There

Backpacking is necessary if you want to visit Cheyava Falls. In order to make it there, you need to get a backcountry camping permit that is available through Grand Canyon National Park. You an find more information on the NPS website. It is also recommended that you apply for this itinerary.

Clear Creek Dispersed Camping
Bright Angel Campground

clear creek trail grand canyon (2)

Clear creek trail grand canyon

A general itinerary for reaching Cheyava Falls is:

Day 1 – Hiking down South Kaibab Trail to make your way to Bright Angel Campground, continuing up North Kaibab Trail for about 1/3 mile. Then take Clear Creek Trail heading east to the top portion of Tonto Platform. This is a minimum of 2 miles from the junction at Clear Creek Trail. Camp for the night. 9 miles total.

Day 2 – Continue your way on Clear Creek Trail and onward to Clear Creek. 6 miles.

Day 3 – Keep your camp set up, then hike up to Cheyava Falls via Clear Creek. 10 miles total roundtrip.

Day 4 – Hike your way from Clear Creek to the Bright Angel Campground via the Clear Creek Trail. 8 miles.

Day 5 – Hike along South Kaibab Trail from the Bright Angel Campground and back to the South Rim. 7 miles.

Options For Guided Trips

While there are not any guide companies that offer a standard trip, you can check with Wildland Trekking Company as to any custom trips that you ca plan for Cheyava Falls.