Camping at Havasu Falls

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Booking Reservations For Havasu Falls Camping

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Havasu Falls is a scenic destination that offers you a highly memorable camping experience. The impressive campsite is bordered by limestone cliffs and amply shaded by elms and cottonwoods. Havasu Creek flows straight through the campground.

The Havasupai Campground is administered by the Havasupai Tribe, which handles all reservations for camping in the area. You definitely need to call ahead to reserve a space if you intend to stay overnight; hiking into Havasupai without reservations is very likely to wind up being a single-day in-and-out trip. Call a few months in advance to maximize your chances of securing space on your chosen dates. Make sure you have your vital information ready – when and how long you’ll be staying at Havasupai and how many people you’ll be bringing – when you call.

Phone Lines For Reservations:

  • 928-448-2174
  • 928-448-2180
  • 928-448-2141
  • 928-448-2121

Fees For Camping At Havasu Falls

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Havasupai has a slightly complicated fee system, but it’s not too hard to master. The basic fees break down like this:

(All fees listed are assessed on a per-person basis)

Entrance Fee: $35.00
Campground Usage Fee (per night): $17.00
Environmental Fee: $5.00

Thus, for a group of 4 campers who intend to stay for 3 nights, the costs would come together like this:

Entrance Fees: $35 X 4 = $140
Campground Fees: $17 X 4 X 3 = $204
Environmental Fees: $5 x 4 = $20

Total Fees: $328

Making Your Way To Havasu Falls

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The Havasupai Campground is accessible by three primary routes:

* Hiking

The kicking-off point for a hiking entry is at Hilltop (check here for directions). From Hilltop, follow the trail down to Supai, a distance of eight miles. This is where you’ll check in at the office and pay the necessary fees. The campground itself is two miles further down the trail.

* Mules

Reservations for mules need to be booked at least a day in advance. The trip costs $105 (or more) for each person in each direction. Mule handlers and animals will be waiting for you in Hilltop, and the trip includes a stop in Supai for check-in and paying your fees.

* Helicopter

Helicopters allow access to Havasupai only on Sunday, Monday, Thursday, and Friday. Normal hours of operation are 9 AM – 1 PM, depending on visitor requirements. The ride costs $85 (or more) each way for each person. The helicopter launching line is located on the wide shelf below the parking lot at Hilltop. The helicopter delivers you in Supai so that you can pay your fees and check in at the camping office.

Packing For Havasu Falls


There are no opportunities to purchase gear or food at the Havasupai Campground. There is a restaurant and a small convenience store at Supai, but these resources are two miles from the campground. There’s a piped spring at the campground that makes drinking water freely accessible.

Lighting fires at Havasupai is prohibited. You should plan your dietary choices around ready-to-eat foods or bring along a self-contained camping stove. Standard camping gear (e.g. tents, sleeping bags, sleeping pads) is strongly recommended.

Havasupai Amenities And Expectations

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As noted above, the Havasupai Campground has a piped freshwater spring that supplies drinking water. There are also picnic tables and permanent composting toilets, but this is the full extent of the amenities provided. The campground as whole is quite large, capable of accommodating roughly 200 overnight campers at maximum capacity. The average crowd tends to vary based on the season and the time of the week. The busiest months for the campground run from March to October. During this peak season, the campground is typically only partially full on weekdays. Weekends usually see the site loaded to capacity, and on holiday weekends day visitors can bring the crowd up to 500 people.

Guided Havasupai Tours

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Investing in a tour guide for Havasu Falls is a great idea. Most guides handle all of the logistical details (reservations, food, gear, etc.) for you and let you focus on learning about and enjoying the landscape. The Wildland Trekking Company, our favorite Havasupai tour provider, can set you up with pack mules and guides to minimize the load you need to carry on your hike.